Short film about kite surfing at the beach of Katwijk, the Netherlands. Kiteboarding is an action sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, . In general, nobody is too young or old to learn this action-packed sport, also called . An explanation of kitesurfing , the history behind it, and the best locations for it. The former US president has tested his kitesurfing skills against Sir Richard Branson on a holiday in the British Virgin Islands.

Thanks to this boom today, at almost all of the . Seychelles is the ideal kitesurfing destination. Kite surfing is a growing sport in South Africa, with local and international professionals and water sports enthusiasts making this their kiting destination of choice . Learn kitesurfing at one of our kitesurfing schools in Europe and around the world. We offer you top-quality instruction with courses ranging from beginner to . Les Îles de la Madeleine are the destination for the amateurs of kitesurfing. The extensive choice of sites and variation in wind speeds provide conditions . Offering a complete service from beginner lessons and .

As with wind surfing, the surfer stands on a boar but uses a kite instead of a sail. Kitesurfing is a water sport and is a variant of windsurfing. Idyllic Lake Achensee is a great place for kitesurfing. Big floaty jumps are a common sight here thanks to great wind conditions. When the media published about kitesurfing it is . There are several courses catering to all levels ranging from introductory to advanced.

Discover Kite-surfing school ! Land-sailing, wind-surfing, water- boarding: . Boardsports carry large stocks everything you could need for kitesurfing. The Penouille Peninsula beach at Forillon National Park is the perfect place for kite surfing. By rubber boat the qualified instructors will bring you to Isola delle Conchiglie to teach you the kitesurfing technique in total safety and freedom.

Know the main kitesurfing spots around Portugal and find a kitesurf school which will help you to learn and progress in a safe and great environment. Find out more about kitesurfing in the region. KITESURFING AND LIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL ON THE SOUTH COAST.

On Als there are multiple lovely places, where you can test the waves – or maybe try the surf school. Have a look at the map to find a . Picture yourself surfing the waves.

Gliding along while being in control. Feeling adrenaline-boosting speed at sea. If you ever went kitesurfing , you must be . Untouched tropical bliss for your kiting exploration.

Imagine an enormous expanse of untouched tropical bliss completely open for your kiting exploration. In the very early stages of kitesurfing in Cyprus, we realized that the area near Kiti . We brought kite surfing to Austria.