Cybex aton base 2fix manual

Please read and follow these instructions carefully to install the Aton correctly. Proper use of Load Leg whenever possible while using the Base. För att försäkra dig om att. CYBEX ATON BASE – FIX User Manual 0. SKROCONA INSTRUKCJA – ISOFIX.

Base Q- fix according to the instructions in this.

This helpful video show you how to correctly install your Aton ISOfix Base and car seat. FIX (godkänd för ATON BAS och BASFÄSTE). Denna korta manual fungerar bara som en översikt. CyBex aTon , concentrámo-nos na máxima segurança, no conforto e na.

Base or ATON Base – fix the driving-position of the handle changes from A to B. Deutsch, English, Espanõl, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, . KURZANLEITUNG – 3-PUNKT-GURT. SHORT INSTRUCTIONS – 3- POINT-. UJIŠŤUJEME VÁS, ŽE JSME SE BĚHEM VÝVOJE CYBEX BASE Q- FIX SOUSTŘEDILI.

It also has a load leg on the car seat base , a unique side impact. The instructions recommend using the insert until baby weighs about pounds, or for about months. The car seat should be useful for about years, but this also . Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing. Rain cover and Aton Base – fix manual included. Solskærm, spædbarnsindlæg og manual medfølger.

Hi I purchased an Aton car seat and base Q fix from mothercare, Canterbury. When we read the manual on page it states that if the car seat is too steep for the base q fix to use a towel to compensate this. Well packaged with instructions. Expansive catalog of cybex aton manual and many similar items. Locate cybex aton manual here.

This short manual serves as an overview only. SzÖnJÜk, hoGy meGVáSáRolTa cyBex aTon BaSe – fix TeRmékÜnkeT. The manual suggests holding the lap and shoulder belts together and.

Instructions enclosed (once found) were clear, concise and easy to. Isofix (pontos de fixação): 2. Cybex Pallas Fix Car Seat.